Radio Ministry

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What is the Radio Ministry?

Simply put, our job is to make the programming and automation of your radio station as inexpensive as possible, saving your funds for the really expensive parts, such as broadcast hardware and licensing.

We have two ways of doing that. One uses a Windows 10 based computer with nearly all of the programming being Open Source. Most of that is well-known, although some friends and family custom-built a couple of items programming specifically for We Declare His Praise. As it sits now, your biggest expense would be the cost of the computer hardware. The one we use is a custom-built gaming machine and cost about $650.

The other way uses a Linux computer. The programming on that one is called Rivendell, and is complete with everything you need except the content. The cost of that is limited only by what you want. We use a Raspberry Pi, well, sort of.

The biggest caveat between the two systems is this: We don’t know how to use Linux yet; but if you do know, you will surely love Rivendell. For the rest of us, we will train you on the use of all of the programming used on the Windows machine.

In both cases, peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, etc. are up to you, but we do recommend two monitors or one that can use a split screen. The rest of your broadcast studio is also up to you

If you are interested, please e-mail me, Frank, at and we can discuss your specific needs.

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